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The full texts of select publications by Shnayer Leiman are made available to the interested reader under this rubric.
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2. Abarbanel and the Censor

5. Review of reissue of S. Frensdorff's Die Massora Magna

8. Review of reissue of Jacob b. Hayyim Ibn Adonijah

9. Review of Eliezer Berkovits, Man and God Studies in Biblical Theology

15. The Inverted Nuns

18. Review of William LaSor, The Dead Sea Scrolls and the New Testament

20. Jewish Ethics 1970-1975 Retrospect and Prospect

24. The Karen Ann Quinlan Case A Jewish Perspective

25. Review of Jonathan P. Siegel, The Severus Scroll and 1QIsa

26. The Ethics of Lottery

32. Hazon Ish on Textual Criticism and Halakhah A Rejoinder

34. Symposium on the State of Orthodoxy

35.אחרוני הפרשנים בספרד ופרובנס

36. The Scroll of Fasts The Ninth of Tebeth

37.Therapeutic Homicide A Philosophic and Halakhic Critique of Harris     Survival Lottery

38. כתבו על קרן השור

39. The Baal Teshuvah and the Emden-Eibeschuetz Controversy
        Judaic Studies 1(1985), ppp. 3-26

42. Torah Scholarship Since the Holocaust

44. Jewish Ethical Teaching and Technological Advance

46. Rabbi Abraham Isaac Ha-Kohen Kook Letter on Ahavat Yisrael

48. When a Rabbi is Accused of Heresy - R. Ezekiel Landau

49. R. Moses Schick The Hatam Sofer's Attitude toward Mendelssohn's Biur

50. Rabbi Israel Lipschutz The Portrait of Moses

51. Montague Lawrence Marks In a Jewish Bookstore

52. ספר תוכחה מגולה מהגה"ק ר' יונתן זצקלה"ה

53. Mrs. Jonathan Eibeschuetz Epitaph A Grave Matter Indeed

54. Yeshivat Or ha-Hayyim The First Talmudical Seminary in America

55. Rabbi Leopold Greenwald Tishah be-Av at the University of Leipzig

57. Esther Hildesheimer Calvary The Hildesheimers in Eisenstadt

58. Rabbi David Friedman of Karlin The Ban on Secular Study in Jerusalem

59. Rabbi Jacob Horowitz on the Study of Scripture

60. Dwarfs on the Shoulders of Giants

62. Rabbi Joseph Carlebach Wuerzburg and Jerusalem

63. Rabbi Abraham Isaac Ha-Kohen Kook Invocation at the Inauguration
      Of the Hebrew University


65. Reflections on the Assassination of Yitzhak Rabin

71. Rabbi Shimon Schwab A Letter Regarding the Frankfurt Approach

73. R. Israel Lipshutz and the Mouse That is Half Flesh and Half Earth

74. Masorah and Halakhah A Study in Conflict

79. Review of Philip R. Davies, Scribes and Schools

82. When a Rabbi is Accused of Heresy The Stance of the Gaon of Vilna

83. The Adventure of the Maharal of Prague in London

86. The Wisdom of R. Hayyim of Volozhin

88. ואת כל אשר אצוה אותך Was Rashi's Torah Scroll Flawed?
      Judaic Studies 2(2003), pp. 3-21

89. The Day Vilna Died

91. Rabbi Jonathan Eibeschuetz and the Porger
       Judaic Studies 4(2004), pp. 3-29

92. A Note on the Rabbi Isaac Elhanan Spektor Medallion

95. New Evidence on the Emden-Eibeschuetz Controversy The Amulets
      from Metz

99. R. Raphael of Bershad's Commitment to Truth

101. Rabbinic Responses to Modernity
          Judaic Studies 5(2007), pp. 1-122

102. Rabbi Yehiel Yaakov Weinberg In Praise of Esther Rubinstein

105. When a Rabbi is Accused of Heresy The Stance of Rabbi Jacob
        Joshua Falk

106. Three Lists of Students Studying at the Volozhin Yeshiva in 1879

107. Judith Ish-Kishor This Too Shall Pass

108. Did Rabbi Azriel Hildesheimer Label Rabbi Zechariah Frankel
       an Apostate

110. The Lost Meaning of Deuteronomy 33:2 as Preserved in the Palestinian         Targum to the Decalogue

113. “Benzion Katz: Mrs. Baba Bathra,” in Tradition 42:4 (2009), pp. 51-57.

115. “The Letter of the Maharal on the Creation of the Golem: A Modern
        Forgery,” in The Seforim Blog, January 3, 2010 (Sefrom.blogspot.com).

116. “The Golem of Prague in Recent Rabbinic Literature,” in The Seforim         Blog, May 3, 2010 (Seforim.blogspot.com).

117. “A Tribute to Professor Moshe Greenberg, זכרונו לברכה ,” in the Leiman
        Library, May 15, 2010 (Leimanlibrary.com).

119. “Rabbi Ezekiel Landau: Letter of Reconciliation,” in Tradition 43:4 (2010),
        pp. 85-96.

אגרת שלומים לרבי יחזקאל לנדא“ . 120 ” in Joseph Hacker and Yaron Harel,
        eds., לא יסור שבט מיהודה : Studies Presented to Professor Simon
        Schwarzfuchs (Bialik Institute: Jerusalem, 2011), pp. 317-331.

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